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  1. Don Powers

    Bud, I don’t know if you remember me we spoke several years ago on the phone. I was a city cop in Freeport, Il. I used your training style to get in good enough shape pass the swat test at my PD and became a swat officer. I left there a few years back and now work in a small town in North West Illinois, Stockton, Il. If you don’t mind I am going to call the school in New Glarus and come see your show. I would like to try to get the PD I work for now to sponsor one of your shows in the Stockton Schools. I just started at this new for me town and part of the reason I was hired is I really into working with the youth. I coach and run a youth wrestling club. I also just held a youth wrestling tournament. If you have no problems with this I would like to tape a little or all of your show and show it to my Chief and the Stockton School Superintendent. I’m hoping they will back me and allow me to bring you into our area schools.

    Thanks Don Powers

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