Kennedy Metro Middle School in Louisville, KY

If you are interested in having Bud Jeffries address your school please contact:

Bud at:  booking @
You may also call us at 1-863-521-3498
Tour season starts again September 2015 for the new school year.  Call to book your school now!
Check out our site for kids and parents:

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The 2013-2014 school year ended having visited 43 states and just over 325 schools. It was a great year and we look forward to seeing the students again in the future along with many new faces as well! Thanks for an amazing tour!
 Download a pdf of pricing to present to your school’s PTO/School Board or community leaders

Mobile View: Bud Jeffries on ABC Action News in Gulf Port, MS 1/14/2011




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  1. Hilary Gilbert

    Hello Mr. Jeffries,
    You presented an assembly at our school this morning (I am the 4K teacher who dropped a bowling ball on you today!), and I just want to express my appreciation for what you do. Your message was strong and very meaningful–exactly what we’re hoping our students will learn as they grow. All day I asked children throughout the school what words you had taught us, and they remembered: “I am strong enough to be nice.” My students were engaged throughout your presentation, and it will stick with us. Thank you!!
    Hilary Gilbert
    Crescent Elementary, Rhinelander WI

  2. Don Reid

    Hope your doing well! Looking forward to your next visit to Kennedy.

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